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Absolutely the best for acupuncture!!! This is my second time seeing Bo and as always I get immediate results!!! I initially care in for pain in my arm and menstrual pain . I notice that she was rated very high when it came to help patients with fertility and to be honest I didn't believe it . Well like I said I had her treat me for menstral pain and about a month later I was pregnant lol I hadn't gotten pregnant in years so I was definitely pleasantly surprised how great The acupuncture work ! Bo is truly gifted at what she does and I hope this helps any woman looking for an alternative approach!! Trust me this woman is highly skilled and knows her stuff .

Donna S. -- From Yelp

I recently moved to the CT area, and I was suffering from horrible knee pain in both legs and plantar fibromas on the bottom of both feet. Commuting on the train was horrible. After my third session with Bo, the pain is gone. Even the fibromas have gotten much smaller, and I feel fabulous. She is amazing, the treatment was a life saver, and she has such a wonderful personality - its a pleasure to spend time with her. I won't go anywhere else.

TJ C.--From Yelp

My husband has been suffering from heel pain for over a year. He could not put weight on his right foot, could not run or walk freely. He went to see our area “top rated foot expert” podiatry clinic for treatment.
But unfortunately none of the doctor’s suggestions worked. He was still in pain until he went to see Dr. Bo Fang who then gave him just one treatment, acupuncture and Moxibustion, with a burning dried mugwort under his feet! Half an hour later, he could land on his feet with no pain! After one week of continuous treatment, he walks normally and can even run! We highly recommend Dr. Fang.

Ming H.--From Google review

I can not recommend Bo highly enough. I had many issues and her acupuncture treatments were the only thing that gave me relief. She is highly skilled as an acupuncturist but what I equally appreciated was her calming manner, warmth and gentle touch. Bo is professional and emphatic - I can’t say enough good things about her!

I'd say Dr. Fang Bo is one of the best acupuncturists in southern Connecticut area.  She uses traditional Chinese acupuncture techniques to treat my post-stroke symptoms. After seeing her for three months, the weak side of my body has significant improvement! I have less pain and sleep better. She really cares about her patients! I highly recommend her to anyone who suffers from stroke, pain, sleep disorder and other illness.

Jane H.--From Yelp

Bo was excellent. She learned acupuncture in China. I could feel the energy moving through my body.

Jacquelyn m.

It was very easy to find with lots of parking. The service was very nice and I felt very relaxed afterwards. I would definitely do it again.

Diana A.

Very good experience, she was very pleasant and gentle. Will definitely make more appointments .

Gayle M.

I'm very happy I did. Though a little hard to find, this place is amazing. Very nice and clean atmosphere. Bo was attentive, caring and understanding. She asked questions, she listened and she made a huge difference in my son's results. My son has chronic lower back and neck pain for 5 years. He can't wait to go back next wk.

Pamela H.

Friendly, clean and comfortable.

Tom J.

Bo was terrific. First acupuncture appt. loved it

ernestine m.

Dr. Bo Fang was kind and attentive. She was extremly knowledable. I booked a second appointment after my first.

Catherine c.

Loved feeling super relaxed yet energized after the session; very kind and thoughtful practitioner

Fiona N.

My acupuncturist, Bo Fang, is excellent. She is kind, educated, and skilled in her practice. It was my first time, and my back pain is already much better. Thank you!

Clara R.

Loved it... Bo was awesome. Coming back next week!!


Super friendly especially to someone who has never done acupuncture. They made me feel secure.

Dale C.

I was not sure what to expect. I had a good experience felt relaxed and my problem was explained to me on how to get myself stronger to eliminate the pain I was experiencing. Happy to return for another treatment.

Pattie F.

Well trained. Great experience. Personable practioner.

Linda M.

Bo was amazing, she is very gentle and informative. My husband and I loved it so much we are going back for an additional four sessions.

Adriana M.