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One of our specialties is helping infertility. 

We have helped hundreds of families create babies successfully.

Add acupuncture and natural herbs

1)increase natural conceive rates 

2)increase IVF or IUI success rates

3)treat POF (Premature ovarian failure) 

Acupuncture increases IVF or IUI Success Rates, our patients consistently report an increase in the number of eggs when combining acupuncture and IVF.

   a. Acupuncture improves blood flow

   b. Acupuncture reduces stress

   c. Acupuncture improves your odds of having a baby with IVF.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs help correct female infertility

  • Acupuncture for IVF/IUI/ICSI

  • Failure to ovulate,

  • Thin uterine lining

  • Irregular period, 

  • PCOS/POI, Endometriosis

  • Uterine fibroids,

  • Autoimmune disorders, 

  • Low egg count, abnormal eggs,

  • Decrease/increase hormone,

  • Failure of an egg to mature properly,

  • Implantation failure,

  • Unexplained infertility,

  • Recurrent pregnancy Loss/Miscarriage,

  • Stress related to fertility,

  • Weight loss for fertility,

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs help correct male infertility

  • Male infertility: Abnormal sperm production or function.


Case Studies:

1. Patient age: early 30s

   Cause of Infertility: PCOS

   History: Patient has been diagnosed PCOS, Patient has no period for several years. Her progesterone level is low, her testosterone level is high. 

   Result: Patient start regular period after several acupuncture treatments, She got conceived  after acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatment.

2.Patient age: late 30s

   Cause of Infertility: Elevated FSH/Low AMH

   History: Patient had a miscarriage many years ago. she had been trying to conceive since the miscarriage. 

   Result: Patient got pregnant after 18 times acupuncture treatments and herbal treatments. Patient still had acupuncture treatment after she conceived for preventing miscarriage. 

3.Patient age: early 40s

   Cause of Infertility: Low egg count, Failure to produce mature eggs

   History: Patient wanted to get pregnant and nothing was happening within a year of trying. Patient had unsuccessful 2 IVF, 2 IUI. She started acupuncture treatment before the third IUI.

   Result: Patient got pregnant after acupuncture treatments and herbal treatments. 

Some of our patient have been told the rate they could conceive was very low,

Some of our patient have been told they were going to have very low rate of having a successful IVF/IUI,

Some of our patient failed IVF many times,

Some of our patient had several miscarriage,

However, after having acupuncture treatments in the combination of Chinese herbs, their hormone are regular, their body are balanced, they have better energy flow and blood flow. They have higher rate to have a successful IVF/IUI. Some of our patient got pregnant naturally.




'I would highly recommend Bo for acupuncture. After trying to get pregnant for several months I decided to give acupuncture a try to reduce stress and as a natural fertility boost. I became pregnant after 4 sessions with Bo. She is extremely knowledgeable on fertility, asking many questions about my overall health and reproductive health. She gave great advice on ways to improve fertility including diet, stress relief, exercise and overall well-being. I highly suggest seeing Bo if you are trying to conceive.'

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